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This Blog Covers :
1.What Is Marketing ?
2.What Is Digital Marketing ?

What Is Marketing

We have to do some action plan to sell our business product service etc. Example if we have made a product for example we have made a painting and made the painting such that the world’s most beautiful painting and suppose its price is only 10,000 and such You have introduced painting in business, you have introduced such painting, but until that painting reaches the people or not, people will not know about that painting. Till then that painting will not be sold, then what will you have to do for it, you will have to do marketing, you will have to advertise it, then for marketing you will have to give evidence in the newspaper, you will have to give evidence on TV, you will have to give evidence on the radio, that is sure we have nothing. If something has to be done otherwise that painting will be sold, otherwise what we have to do for it is marketing, 

What Is online Marketing / Digital

digital marketing is completely digital from the internet, from a digital platform to an example, which digital platform are there now? Digital marketing is done through

digital devices,

  • laptop computers mobiles

Digital platforms You must know that

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Google Ads

 there are many platforms to do marketing, but to use digital platforms, to use digital tools means to do marketing. It is called digital marketing in very simple words. google digital marketing , internet marketing , internet advertising , online advertising